Electronic Nose Detection

ENCORK is based on the odor detection technology successfully applied in electronic noses. It is capable of sensing very low concentration levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

Discarding Contaminants

ENCORK improves the applied cost and speed of operation by testing each cork stopper individually before bottling and discarding those that have unacceptable levels of contaminants.

Innovative Technology

Electronic noses are instrumental apparatus based on chemical sensor arrays, whose working mechanism try to mimic natural olfaction. In the array each sensor is characterised by its own degree of selectivity.


ENCORK Final Meeting and validation in Modena (Italy)

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The ENCORK consortium met in Bomporto (Modena, Italy) the 14th and 15th December 2015 to celebrate the final meeting of the project and the validation of the prototype. The consortium had the opportunity to see the prototype performance using corks provided by one of the partners, as part of the planned training activities to the

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ENCORK consortium meets in Vila Flor, Portugal

Quinta Holminhos hosted the M18 ENCORK consortium meeting in Vila Flor, Portugal, at the brand new Centro Interpretativo do Vinho e da Vinha.  Beyond discussing the progress of the project, the partners had a unique opportunity to visit Holminhos’s wine producing and bottling facilities as well as the company’s own vineyards in the Douro denomination of origin.

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ENCORK at Barcelona Food Technologies Fair

ENCORK will be showcased at Barcelona Food Technologies (BTA) 2015 trade fair. The 2015 edition of BTA has become a key date in the agendas of food and drink manufacturers, importers and exporters, engineering firms, and the retail trade who will attend the 3-day event to exhibit and discover the latest technology in the food sector.

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Training Rome Feb15_5

ENCORK consortium meets in Rome

The Encork consortium held its M15 general meeting in Rome on 18th and 19th February 2015. During the first day of the meeting, a working session was organized with the participation of RTDs and SMEs. The latest results were presented and the discussion focalized on the design of the final prototype to be validated at

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The whole consortium was invited by REA in Brussels on December 16th, 2014 to discuss the technical progress of the ENCORK project with the EC Project Officer and the external reviewer. The RTD partners ATEKNEA, UNITOV and ICS presented the progress on the technical work related to the development of the ENCORK laboratory scale prototype; whereas

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Set-up of the ENCORK’s laboratory prototype.

Following tests at ATEKNEA-C facilities in Barcelona to assess the functionality of the instrumentation and the correct performance of the control system, the sample handling system prototype integrated with the e-nose in Rome on Thursday 26th November, 2014. The RTD Performer UNITOV and the technical SME INNO have received a training session from ATEKNEA-C on

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ENCORK Video Clip is now available!

ENCORK Video Clip is now available, you can watch it on YouTube!

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M6 ENCORK General meeting

ENCORK team hold Month 6 General Meeting

Project partners involved in the Encork project have organized their month 6 general meeting on July 8th and 9th, 2014 in the town of Kiskőrös, south of Budapest (Hungary). Held at the premises of project partner Szervin, partners have engaged in an intensive two-day general meeting to discuss the latest developments in the technical and

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Here is the ENCORK poster available to download as a PDF. ENCORK Poster Click here

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ENCORK Brochure

If you wish to learn more about the ENCORK project, here is the brochure available to download as a PDF. ENCORK Brochure Click here

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Odour detection technology for cork stoppers

[unordered_list style=’arrow’] Researchers will investigate the use electronic noses to detect the presence of contaminants The idea is to put apart the contaminated cork stoppers before they enter the supply chain [/unordered_list] European researchers met today in Barcelona to develop a system that will permit wine bottling companies to better control cork taint in wines.

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